Jul 01 2015

Strap On

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‘Str8 To Gay’ Shows you how to handle having a crush on your best friend’s boyfriend. This hardcore flick is made by Men.com, an award winning site which films fantasy after fantasy with high quality pictures and sound, and the best men in the business. This awesome movie stars Will Braun and Aspen.
Will Braun is exclusive to Men.com, and it’s not hard to see why. He is a natural in front of the camera and looks like one of those cute college boys you just want to bend over and fuck. He is versatile, with a lean smooth body and a seven inch dick. He has brown hair, sexy blue eyes and is five foot six inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. Will has been in twelve movies for Men.com so far and his last flick was ‘Swipe Part 1’, which also starred Dimitri Kane. Will is from Houston Texas and already has 12k followers on Twitter.
This is Aspen’s first hardcore movie with Men.com, but he is a known porn star. He has a fantastic body with a bit of hair on his muscular body and has a few tattoos. He is a versatile top with an eight and a half inch cut dick. He has black hair, brown (come to bed) eyes, is five foot eight inches tall and weighs 186 pounds. He is easy going and loves socializing, so you never know your luck if you see him out and about.
This exciting flick starts off with Will Braun on the phone to his best friend. He is telling her to try a strap-on on her boyfriend, she isn’t too sure, but Will convinces her that straight men love having their prostates banged; they just don’t like to admit it.
The next scene shows Will holding a dildo in his hand, when his best friend’s boyfriend, Aspen, walks in. He sees what he is holding and asks Will where he got it from. Will has always fancied Aspen and he asks Aspen, in a slightly excited voice, if his girlfriend had ever used one on him. Aspen tries to stay quiet about it but eventually admits that it was so awesome he managed to break it. Will suggests that Aspen try someone else who knows how to really use a strap on, a dildo in this case. Aspen’s cock is already hard so agrees to it almost straight away, and quickly strips his clothes off and gets on his knees.
Will passes the lube to Aspen who rubs it all over the dildo and leans over, putting his weight onto his hands. His ass looks fantastic and open as Will slips the dildo in, inch by inch. Aspen gives in to the pleasure as he feels the dildo fucking his tight crack. He can’t help but stroke his smooth ball sack at the same time as his face is stuffed into the mattress and his ass high up in the air.
Aspen turns over and spreads his legs as Will gets in-between them. As he sucks on Aspen’s rock hard cock, he carries on fucking his ass with the dildo. Sweat drips off their bodies as they suck on each other’s cocks at the same time. The room fills with the sounds of them grunting and groaning in ecstasy.
Aspen gets back on his hands and knees and Will plunges his dick straight up into his slippery wet hole and fucks him doggy style. Their sounds of pleasure keep building up, getting louder and louder by the second.
Will Braun flips Aspen over again and fucks his ass in the missionary position. Aspen can’t take any more of his prostate being banged and his cum spurts out of the end of his cock, all over his firm hard stomach. Will quickly goes up to Aspen’s chest and lets his cum spray all over him.
Aspen lies there with their warm cum dribbling down his body, he has loved it, and as he laughs, he asks Will not to tell his girlfriend.

Jun 22 2015

Son Swap Part 6

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Will Braun, to date, has now been seen in 12 scenes for the company. You may recall him appearing in the “Cruising” series that was seen back in March, or from “The Secret Diary of an Escort” in November of 2013. Will has been seen alongside several model favorites, and is yet another fantastically versatile guy. Handsome and fit, he’s cut, and brings us some variety to Son Swap Part 6.

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Beginning with Adam Herst, the pack’s leader’s announcement, a new era is about to dawn, and to achieve survival, the pack must continue to be loyal to its master, Adam Herst O’Brian. In this quick introduction that’s skillfully shot, of course, sexy scenes very quickly ensue. Jessy Ares and Will Braun are shirtless and ready to go from this beginning alongside Adam Herst, who offers his loyalty to their pack, they begin to show their loyalty, as well. Both guys kneel down before him and begin to aptly worship his white hot body. In this relatively ritualistic scene, which will likely peak your interest, it’s played out similar to a scene from “Survivor”, akin to being out in the jungle in a wild setting. This is a fitting setting for the beastly behavior soon provided for us by these three tasty studs.
will braun

May 27 2015

Stag Hag

Today we have an amazing hardcore flick, with two hot gaypornstarstube.xxx exclusive models to proudly show off. This movie is from Str8 To Gay and stars Will Braun, Tom Faulk and Mike De Marko in a hot and horny threesome.
Will Braun and Mike De Marko are sat in their shared apartment. Will isn’t feeling too hot after a late night with plenty to drink, and so he can only vaguely remember who he threw out at four thirty in the morning. Their straight and slightly annoying friend, Tom Faulk, turns up at their place encouraging them to go out with him. They don’t really want to, but he manages to persuade them. They haven’t gone far when both Will and Mike get fed up with Tom acting to straight in front of them. They go back home and Tom wants to watch the football on TV. After watching it for two hours the boys get bored and hatch a plan to get rid of him, Mike tells Will to follow his lead…

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[Will Braun is one of the newest exclusives to gaypornstarstube.xxx and in quite a quick time he has managed to get a huge following. He has as many as 10.8k people following him on twitter alone, and rising every day. Will is young and has that boy next door appeal that grannies want to kiss on the cheek, and grown men want to kiss on the other cheeks! He is versatile with a seven inch cock and a cute firm ass. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is five foot six inches tall. He has been in ten movies with Men website so far, and his last flick was ‘Big Bro Part 1,’ also staring Dirk Caber.
will braun
Tom Faulk is another exclusive to gaypornstarstube.xxx and has made forty eight movies with them so far. He is an athletic looking surfer dude with a floppy long, blonde, fringe and has some great tattoos. His last movie has only just been released and is called ‘Cross Check Part 1,’ where he gets fucked by Paul Cannon. Tom has beautiful green eyes and is five foot eleven inches tall. He is a versatile young man with a seven inch cut dick and is always up for a party.]

…Tom Faulk comes back into the room and sits in the couch with some food. Mike De Marko starts stroking his neck and arm, will Braun follows suit and strokes Tom’s leg. Tom gets uncomfortable and tries shrugging them off, but they carry on touching him up. He tells them to stop it but they carry on, all of a sudden Will and Mike’s hands are on Tom’s hard dick. Mike laughs; he can’t believe their straight friend is getting turned on. He tells Will to go down and suck Tom’s cock.
Things get hot and horny as Will bends over and takes Tom’s hot cock into his lips and starts sucking. Mike De Marko runs his hands over Tom’s chest getting Tom even hotter. Both will and Mike swap places and Mike sucks on Tom’s straight cock as Will gets his own dick out and jerks it slowly up and down. It soon becomes a great suck fest as Will sucks on Tom’s dick again and Mike sucks on Will’s erection.

Tom gets even more excited and wants Mike to ride on his dick, he forgets all about being straight as Mike sits on his dick and bounces up and down as Will plays with his bouncing ball sack.
Not wanting to be left out, Will gets Mike De Marko on his back with his ass high up in the air and slides his cock deep into is hairy crack. Both men then take it in turns to fuck him and both Tom Faulk and Will Braun cum over Mike’s hairy body as he lies between them both. Mike jerks on his own dick and they all watch as his hot cum joins Will’s over his hairy stomach.
They didn’t scare Tom away, but they have found another great fuck buddy for future times.

BTW: Mike De Marko may not be exclusive to the Men paysite but he has done an amazing forty five movies with them and has a following of 11.3k on twitter. He is a horny man with a designer beard and a lean athletic hairy body. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock, is five foot nine inches and has brown hair and brown eyes. His last flick was ‘The Mysteries Of Bennett Part 1,’ with Bennett Anthony playing a cop

May 12 2015

Big Bro Part 1

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‘Drill My Hole’ love showing you some of the best fantasies around made by Drill My Hole, and this time you could say they have gone a bit Greek in New York. I say Greek because ‘Big Bro’ is all about having a mentor where a younger man is forced to live with an older man to show him how to behave. All the Greek stories from history tell us this was a popular thing in days gone by, and maybe even in some parts of Greece today, where an older man shows a young man how to do everything in the world, including sex. He shows a younger man how to fuck, suck, and how to enjoy the body of another male, and how to turn another man on.

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This hardcore episode stars Will Braun as the young out of control youth, and Dirk Caber is his hairy big bro, his father figure, there to help sort him out, to guide him, to nourish him in every aspect of his life.
Will Braun is a thief in New York. He has to be. He has had a bad upbringing and has to survive on his own. One day he snatches a bag from someone and is caught; the police pick him up. He is ordered by the court to be looked after by a company called Big Bro; the judge thought Will had never had a strong male companion in his life so he sent him to be looked after by Dirk Caber. Will found it hard to begin with but soon accepted it, even enjoying Dirk’s company.
Dirk turns up at Will Braun’s apartment one day and suggests to Will that even though he finds it hard to open up, that maybe it’s time he did. Will’s not too sure and is quite surprised when Dirk says that he is really into opening up and quickly leans forward and kisses Will full on the lips. He tells Will he is still his mentor, and that he still has tonnes of things to teach him.
Dirk pushes Will back on his bed and quickly pulls his pants down. Will already has a hard-on which makes Dirk smile. He grabs will’s shaft in his hand and takes his cock into his mouth and starts sucking it up and down. Will agrees that it feels good and wants more. Dirk teaches him what it’s like to have your dick, and ball sack, licked and sucked by another man. Will groans as Dirk grabs a tight hold of his balls and rubs his beard up and down the length of his cock. Will is in heaven and Dirk pulls the rest of his clothes off and moves up Will’s toned body kissing, and biting on his small dark nipples.
Will stands up as Dirk lies on the bed stroking his leaking cock, pre-cum leaks out of his cock in his excitement as he gets Will to face-fuck him. Dirk jumped up and gets on his hands and knees and tells Will to open his asshole up and lick the rim of his entrance. He takes him through every single thing step by step. Will is told to put his finger in slowly, he moans with pleasure and then tells him to do it a bit more aggressively. Dirk growls out and more pre-cum escapes from his throbbing cock, he asks Will if he wants to fuck his ass. Will doesn’t need telling twice, he gets behind him and plunges his cock into his very first male ass and loves the feeling of his tight ass wrapped around his hard dick.
Dirk gets Will to ride his ass in all sorts of positions around the room eventually fucking him in the missionary position. Dirk Caber can’t take anymore and shoots thick white cum over his muscular body as Will still drives his cock in and out of him. Will Braun moves up to Dirk’s face and spurts thick wads of his own cum over Dirk’s beard and open mouth.
Will Braun is exclusive to Drill My Hole and is one of the newest and hottest stars in the market today. He is a versatile young man with a smooth body and a seven inch cut dick. He is five foot six inches tall with brown hair and sea blue eyes, every daddy’s dream
Dirk Caber is a mature hairy bear who just loves smooth young men. He is versatile with seven inch cut cock and a tight hairy asshole. He is five foot nine inches tall with blonde hair and gentle and kind blue eyes, the perfect daddy. These two hot stars were meant to be together.

Mar 13 2015

My Brother In Law Part 6

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Here’s another great episode in this hardcore series from ‘Str8 To Gay.’ Every episode has been exciting and different, with different sexy men in each one. In each episode the straight married guy doesn’t know it at first, but he loves a bit of dick and male ass, their brothers-in-law teach then all they need to know. That’s the thing I love about ‘straight’ men: they just haven’t been taught any different, and it’s up to us, and sites like this, to show them the way.
This episode in no different from the rest, as in it stars two very hot and eager young men ready to get going (and ready for you to get going!). The new excusive star to Men, Will Braun, stars in his second feature here, alongside Duncan Black – who has now been in 30 hardcore flicks for Men.
So, this is With Braun’s second movie, the first one was only released a couple of weeks ago, in February 2015. It is called ‘The New Exclusive: Will Braun’, where he was taken through his paces and we were given the chance to see what went on behind the camera as well as in front. This has been seen by over 17,000 men out there, I think that’s a very good start in a tough industry. Have a look yourself and you will see why it is so popular, and why so many people become members of Men. Will is five foot six with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He has that young, keen, college look about him, but once his clothes are off, it’s pretty obvious he has started working out, and it’s paying off in a big way. He is versatile with a cut seven inch dick.

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Duncan Black has been in thirty hardcore flicks with Men as is now classed as a season model, even though he is still young. He’s got a great body which he keeps in shape by going to the gym and working out regularly. He has blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He is six foot two inches tall and has a six inch cut dick. He loves being a bottom which is a good thing really, as he has such a fuckable tight ass. So far to date out of all his much watched movies, ‘A Fathers Permission’, also starring Liam Magnuson, has been his most popular which has been seen by over 87,000 of you horny guys, that is just incredible.
My Brother In Law Part 6
Anyway: Will Braun and Duncan Black are sitting in the living room together. Will is getting frustrated with his wife for being out for so long, and he doesn’t know where she is. His brother in law, Duncan, tells him that he knows where she is, in fact, he knows everything about her, maybe a bit too much. Will feels upset as she doesn’t tell him anything. He says he is going to go to bed and wait for her to come home. Just as he is about to go into the bedroom Duncan tells him not to dream about him again. Will turns around in surprise and horror. He can’t believe she has even told him that. Will tries to explain it and says that he is straight. Duncan is fine with it, and soon gets bored when Will does go to bed.
Will Braun is lying asleep in bed and Duncan Black goes into the bedroom, strips naked and slips under the covers. Will quickly sits up in bed asking him what the fuck is he doing? It is obvious he wants Duncan; he already has a rock hard dick. Duncan persuades him to at least try it. Will says a long as he doesn’t tell his sister. Duncan doesn’t need to be asked twice, he begins to suck Will’s erection.
Duncan Black and Will Braun
Will can’t believe how good it feels to have another man suck his dick; he’s never had it so good. He stands up on the bed and fucks Duncan’s mouth back, with rapid thrusts.
Duncan wants to be fucked so gets Will to sit down and guides his cock into his tight asshole. Will gets more excited and rides his ass all over the bed. Duncan Black jerks on his own cock and cums over his stomach. Will stands up and fires out enough hot spunk over Duncan’s face to put out a fire.
For the first time in his married life, Will Braun falls asleep fully satisfied by things which only another man can do for another man. Remember, in this series it’s ‘No women allowed.’
str8 to gay with Will Braun

Mar 05 2015

The New Exclusive : Will Braun

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‘Drill My Hole’ are proud and excited to show off the latest new exclusive male model from Men.com. His name is Will Braun and he was born in 1991, and his star sign is Cancer. In this, his first video for Men.com, he is broken in by handsome Jimmy Fanz.

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Jimmy Fanz has been specially flown in to make this hardcore video, and for those of you who don’t know this young man, shame on you, as he is another exclusive hottie for Men.com. Jimmy has brown hair with matching brown eyes and always likes to keep stubble around his chin. He is five foot eleven and has a six inch cut cock. He is a versatile bottom which is good in this industry as everyone wants a piece of him. He has been in twenty two flicks with Men.com so far, these include ‘Discharged’, where he bends over and gets fucked by another favorite exclusive, Colby Jansen. This has been seen by over 70,000 different men – an amazing amount. Another flick he is in is called ‘My Brother In Law’, starring Tyr Alexander and this has also been seen by over 70,000 men. Being such a willing and eager bottom, Jimmy Fanz is the right person to break in the new boy.
drill my hole with Will Braun
This video starts off in quick-speed as the production team hurry around the hotel room getting it ready for filming. There is a knock at the door, and Jimmy Fanz walks in, shaking hands with the director. He walks into a room and there is a hardcore porno playing on the television. He recognizes it. It’s his ass getting a wet tongue darting in and out of it. It is from the last film he has made. He is told to get ready and prepare himself for the new guy. Eager with anticipation, Jimmy gets ready.
The picture changes and we get to see Will Braun for the first time. He is sitting down waiting, nervously, to be interviewed before his first big scene. He has slightly shaggy brown hair and sparkling blue eyes which are slightly covered up with a pair of designer glasses. He is five foot six inches and weighs 150 pounds. He is no muscle Mary but still has a great firm body with a seven inch cut dick. He is versatile, so with his youthful college looks and great body he will go along away. He has never heard of Jimmy Fanz before but is looking forward to fucking him doggy style, his favorite position.
Will Braun and Jimmy Fanz
This is a great insight into how the industry works and what goes on behind the scenes. Jimmy and Will Braun meet for the first time and Jimmy asks him what are the sort of things he likes – so that he can get him excited. Will tells him: kissing and nipples are good. Jimmy then shows him around, and then takes him on set. They are now ready to go (after they have gone through a quick run of what they are about to do).
The film starts for real and Jimmy Fanz and Will Braun are standing, kissing in front of a big window, wearing only their tight underpants. Jimmy goes down between Will’s legs and starts to suck on his hard cock. Will smiles down to him and pushes his cock to the back of Jimmy’s hungry throat.

Jimmy then sits on top of the back of the couch, and Will gets to suck on his first cock in front of the camera. He does it with style; it’s hard to believe this is his first time. He gets Jimmy so excited that Jimmy turns around; he wants that mouth on his ass. Will pokes his tongue in and out of his hairy crack, and then teases him with his fingers. Jimmy is panting for more, and is relieved when Will gets behind him and starts fucking him doggy style.
Jimmy Fanz gets on his back and shoots his hot cum as Will fucks him in the missionary position. Will sits astride him, on his wet cock. He pumps his own cock up and down and sends his spunk flying all over Jimmy Fanz’s hot hairy body.
Will Braun then heads off for what is going to be the first of many long showers.

Mar 02 2015

Ask Me

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Mar 01 2015

August Update

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