For My Girlfriend

By | April 18, 2017

This free adult gay tube have made yet another hardcore fantasy come to life for ‘Free Gay Sex Com’. They are topping the charts, and winning loads of awards in the gay porno industry, all over the world, with their high quality movies with great sound. They, and their hot and horny models, manage to film fantasies that we hadn’t even though about yet. They are the leading edge in the gay adult entertainment industry for sure.
This hardcore movie stars good looking couple Will Braun and Morgan Shades.

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Will Braun has only been with the company since February 2015, but he is hot property already, and he is one of a few exclusive models to This is his fourth movie out this year. His most watched flick so far is ‘My Brother In Law Part 6’, which has been viewed by almost 30,000 men, it also stars Duncan Black. Will is a good looking young man with a good athletic body. He looks like someone your mum would be happy for you to take bake home and introduce to the family. He is versatile, with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot 6 inches, weighs 150 pounds; he has brown hair and sea blue eyes.

Morgan Shades is also a good looking young man, with up-to-date looks, a long fringe and a little hair covering his firm chest. He is versatile with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot nine inches tall and weighs 145 pounds. He has brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. This is his fifth flick with, his first one is called ‘Taking Advantage’, where over 32,000 hard and horny men watched him fuck the tight ass of Marc Dylan.
For My Girlfriend

Hot male gay porn between these two

So: Will Braun is sitting up on his bed and is looking confused. He is going through his computer and can’t understand why its history says it has been showing gay porn. He is straight, and his girlfriend can prove it. He calls his friend, Morgan Shades, to come in and have a look. His computer is showing that it has been watching hardcore movies from and ‘Str8 to Gay.’ (Nice touch!) Morgan gets on the bed next to him and tells him it must be his girlfriend doing it. Will still doesn’t get it and Morgan tries to explain that it’s the new thing: Girls are bored with watching straight porn these days, they want to watch two guys fucking. Morgan then tells him to give him Will’s computer. He turns it on to film video and presses record. Then he say in front of the camera that Will and him are about to have sex together, and they will film it for her. Will’s not too sure at the start, but is easily persuaded.
Will Braun at Str8 To Gay
They start to kiss, and Morgan Shades tells Will to take his glasses off and get comfortable. Will does as he is told and Morgan goes down, takes Will’s dick out of his pants, and starts to suck on his cock. Will Braun can’t believe he is lying there with another guy giving him a blow job, but he is loving it and doesn’t want it to stop.

Feeling slightly nervous he is then persuaded to suck on Morgan’s thick cock. He sucks just the end at first, and slowly. It doesn’t take him long before he knows how good it feels to have a cock in his mouth, and he goes all the way down, taking it to the back of his throat.

Morgan gets on his hands and knees and asks Will to fuck him doggy style. Will has gone this far so far, and doesn’t back out now. He pushes his dick in and thrusts his cock in and out of Morgan’s tight hot hole faster and faster. He knows Morgan’s ass feels much better than anything else he has ever felt.

Morgan gets onto his back and shoots his cum all over his body whilst Will Braun is still drilling his asshole as deep as he can go. Will gets up on his knees and shoots his thick, musky smelling, spunk into Morgan Shade’s mouth and onto his tongue.
They move the camera around and as they wave at the camera smiling they say “GAY PORN FOR FREE” to Will’s girlfriend.

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