Son Swap Part 6

By | June 22, 2015

Will Braun, to date, has now been seen in 12 scenes for the company. You may recall him appearing in the “Cruising” series that was seen back in March, or from “The Secret Diary of an Escort” in November of 2013. Will has been seen alongside several model favorites, and is yet another fantastically versatile guy. Handsome and fit, he’s cut, and brings us some variety to Son Swap Part 6.

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Beginning with Adam Herst, the pack’s leader’s announcement, a new era is about to dawn, and to achieve survival, the pack must continue to be loyal to its master, Adam Herst O’Brian. In this quick introduction that’s skillfully shot, of course, sexy scenes very quickly ensue. Jessy Ares and Will Braun are shirtless and ready to go from this beginning alongside Adam Herst, who offers his loyalty to their pack, they begin to show their loyalty, as well. Both guys kneel down before him and begin to aptly worship his white hot body. In this relatively ritualistic scene, which will likely peak your interest, it’s played out similar to a scene from “Survivor”, akin to being out in the jungle in a wild setting. This is a fitting setting for the beastly behavior soon provided for us by these three tasty studs.
will braun

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