Stag Hag

By | May 27, 2015

Today we have an amazing hardcore flick, with two hot exclusive models to proudly show off. This movie is from Str8 To Gay and stars Will Braun, Tom Faulk and Mike De Marko in a hot and horny threesome.
Will Braun and Mike De Marko are sat in their shared apartment. Will isn’t feeling too hot after a late night with plenty to drink, and so he can only vaguely remember who he threw out at four thirty in the morning. Their straight and slightly annoying friend, Tom Faulk, turns up at their place encouraging them to go out with him. They don’t really want to, but he manages to persuade them. They haven’t gone far when both Will and Mike get fed up with Tom acting to straight in front of them. They go back home and Tom wants to watch the football on TV. After watching it for two hours the boys get bored and hatch a plan to get rid of him, Mike tells Will to follow his lead…

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[Will Braun is one of the newest exclusives to and in quite a quick time he has managed to get a huge following. He has as many as 10.8k people following him on twitter alone, and rising every day. Will is young and has that boy next door appeal that grannies want to kiss on the cheek, and grown men want to kiss on the other cheeks! He is versatile with a seven inch cock and a cute firm ass. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is five foot six inches tall. He has been in ten movies with Men website so far, and his last flick was ‘Big Bro Part 1,’ also staring Dirk Caber.
will braun
Tom Faulk is another exclusive to and has made forty eight movies with them so far. He is an athletic looking surfer dude with a floppy long, blonde, fringe and has some great tattoos. His last movie has only just been released and is called ‘Cross Check Part 1,’ where he gets fucked by Paul Cannon. Tom has beautiful green eyes and is five foot eleven inches tall. He is a versatile young man with a seven inch cut dick and is always up for a party.]

…Tom Faulk comes back into the room and sits in the couch with some food. Mike De Marko starts stroking his neck and arm, will Braun follows suit and strokes Tom’s leg. Tom gets uncomfortable and tries shrugging them off, but they carry on touching him up. He tells them to stop it but they carry on, all of a sudden Will and Mike’s hands are on Tom’s hard dick. Mike laughs; he can’t believe their straight friend is getting turned on. He tells Will to go down and suck Tom’s cock.
Things get hot and horny as Will bends over and takes Tom’s hot cock into his lips and starts sucking. Mike De Marko runs his hands over Tom’s chest getting Tom even hotter. Both will and Mike swap places and Mike sucks on Tom’s straight cock as Will gets his own dick out and jerks it slowly up and down. It soon becomes a great suck fest as Will sucks on Tom’s dick again and Mike sucks on Will’s erection.

Tom gets even more excited and wants Mike to ride on his dick, he forgets all about being straight as Mike sits on his dick and bounces up and down as Will plays with his bouncing ball sack.
Not wanting to be left out, Will gets Mike De Marko on his back with his ass high up in the air and slides his cock deep into is hairy crack. Both men then take it in turns to fuck him and both Tom Faulk and Will Braun cum over Mike’s hairy body as he lies between them both. Mike jerks on his own dick and they all watch as his hot cum joins Will’s over his hairy stomach.
They didn’t scare Tom away, but they have found another great fuck buddy for future times.

BTW: Mike De Marko may not be exclusive to the Men paysite but he has done an amazing forty five movies with them and has a following of 11.3k on twitter. He is a horny man with a designer beard and a lean athletic hairy body. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock, is five foot nine inches and has brown hair and brown eyes. His last flick was ‘The Mysteries Of Bennett Part 1,’ with Bennett Anthony playing a cop

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