My Brother In Law Part 6

By | March 13, 2015

Here’s another great episode in this hardcore series from ‘Str8 To Gay.’ Every episode has been exciting and different, with different sexy men in each one. In each episode the straight married guy doesn’t know it at first, but he loves a bit of dick and male ass, their brothers-in-law teach then all they need to know. That’s the thing I love about ‘straight’ men: they just haven’t been taught any different, and it’s up to us, and sites like this, to show them the way.
This episode in no different from the rest, as in it stars two very hot and eager young men ready to get going (and ready for you to get going!). The new excusive star to Men, Will Braun, stars in his second feature here, alongside Duncan Black – who has now been in 30 hardcore flicks for Men.
So, this is With Braun’s second movie, the first one was only released a couple of weeks ago, in February 2015. It is called ‘The New Exclusive: Will Braun’, where he was taken through his paces and we were given the chance to see what went on behind the camera as well as in front. This has been seen by over 17,000 men out there, I think that’s a very good start in a tough industry. Have a look yourself and you will see why it is so popular, and why so many people become members of Men. Will is five foot six with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He has that young, keen, college look about him, but once his clothes are off, it’s pretty obvious he has started working out, and it’s paying off in a big way. He is versatile with a cut seven inch dick.

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Duncan Black has been in thirty hardcore flicks with Men as is now classed as a season model, even though he is still young. He’s got a great body which he keeps in shape by going to the gym and working out regularly. He has blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He is six foot two inches tall and has a six inch cut dick. He loves being a bottom which is a good thing really, as he has such a fuckable tight ass. So far to date out of all his much watched movies, ‘A Fathers Permission’, also starring Liam Magnuson, has been his most popular which has been seen by over 87,000 of you horny guys, that is just incredible.
My Brother In Law Part 6
Anyway: Will Braun and Duncan Black are sitting in the living room together. Will is getting frustrated with his wife for being out for so long, and he doesn’t know where she is. His brother in law, Duncan, tells him that he knows where she is, in fact, he knows everything about her, maybe a bit too much. Will feels upset as she doesn’t tell him anything. He says he is going to go to bed and wait for her to come home. Just as he is about to go into the bedroom Duncan tells him not to dream about him again. Will turns around in surprise and horror. He can’t believe she has even told him that. Will tries to explain it and says that he is straight. Duncan is fine with it, and soon gets bored when Will does go to bed.
Will Braun is lying asleep in bed and Duncan Black goes into the bedroom, strips naked and slips under the covers. Will quickly sits up in bed asking him what the fuck is he doing? It is obvious he wants Duncan; he already has a rock hard dick. Duncan persuades him to at least try it. Will says a long as he doesn’t tell his sister. Duncan doesn’t need to be asked twice, he begins to suck Will’s erection.
Duncan Black and Will Braun
Will can’t believe how good it feels to have another man suck his dick; he’s never had it so good. He stands up on the bed and fucks Duncan’s mouth back, with rapid thrusts.
Duncan wants to be fucked so gets Will to sit down and guides his cock into his tight asshole. Will gets more excited and rides his ass all over the bed. Duncan Black jerks on his own cock and cums over his stomach. Will stands up and fires out enough hot spunk over Duncan’s face to put out a fire.
For the first time in his married life, Will Braun falls asleep fully satisfied by things which only another man can do for another man. Remember, in this series it’s ‘No women allowed.’
str8 to gay with Will Braun

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